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IRUS Twin Ex Demo

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2018/ 750


  • KUBOTA 4-cylinder diesel engine
  • 42 kW (58 PS)
  • 2.6 liter displacement
  • Water-cooled, electric start, operating hour counter, oil and temperature control

Cleaning fan

Cleaning function for engine and hydraulic cooling

Implement (attachment) drive

  • High-performance hydraulic system with UHP axial piston variable displacement pumps
  • 350 bar, 80l/min


Hydraulic crawler running gear with direct drive, proportional speed control for each crawler running gear via radio control, both forward and in reverse, slope adjustment.


  • Forward: 0 – 10 km/h
  • Reverse: 0 – 10 km/h
  • Maximum speed continuously adjustable via rotary potentiometer on the hand-held transmitter.

Track width

1300 mm – 1800 mm

Ground clearance

200 mm, variable to 300 mm

Max. slope gradient (depending on surface)

Up to 60° with special equipment ( suitable crawler chains, spikes etc).

Radio range

approx. 200 m (visibility range)

Standard functions

  • Driving / steering (continuously adjustable, proportional)
  • Engine start / engine stop
  • Continuously adjustable control of the engine speed
  • Continuously adjustable control of rotational speed and direction of rotation of the power take-off
  • Horn
  • Mirroring of the drive control
  • Lifting of the implement
  • Circumferential light

Standard features

  • 2 double-acting hydraulic connections
  • Second implement mounting interfaces CAT I /CAT II


1150 kg - 1400 kg (depending on equipment, basic machine, without auxiliary device)

Attachments Whole range of different new and used attachments available