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Irus Deltrak and Quatrak are Radio Controlled remotely operated Mowing and Mulching machines. Their primary function is to manage  
vegetation on any terrain but mainly steep banks and slopes. The units are designed to work on sloping angles up to  - 50 degrees.  
Often working in the most difficult locations, the units are operated by way of a multi-channel remote control radio. The units also  
feature a "zero-gravity articulation system" which enables the engine to maintain an upright position at all times when the machine  
itself is operating on an incline. This ensures the engine maintains full lubrication of all internal components at all times and under all  
load conditions. The units have a maximum speed of between 7/10 Km/h which not only ensures that the work is performed in the  
most effective and efficient manner, but also allows the operator maximum comfort and control over the equipment which ensures  
safety at all times.
The mowing of steep terrain in or around Slopes / Waterways / Roadways / Highways offers a range of high risk tasks for those involved in
vegetation management.

This includes Central and Local Government, farmers, contractors and facility management companies. offers a range of
equipment and services to help manage these risks by minimizing the exposure of operators. Our remote controlled slope system is
designed for the maintenance of uneven and inaccessible terrain with slopes up to 50 degrees. It is however excellent for other vegetation
management. The construction of the systems allows it to deal with rough growth, wild growth; gorse and other brush up to a diameter of
100 mm. With the wireless operating range of up to 300 meters from the operator this is as an important element for operator safety in
hazardous areas. The extensive range also allows the operator to be positioned in order for good visibility of machine direction, attitude and