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Grass Mowing

We offer you a complete set of mulching and mowing services.

The radio-controlled slope mowers are designed for the maintenance of uneven and inaccessible terrain with slopes up to 60 degrees( depending on subsoil). It is however excellent for mowing flat area.

Remote Mowing of Drains, Waterways and Steep Slopes

The management of terrain in or around waterways and drains is very important in order to maintain the stability of the waterways banks from erosion and collapse. However, slopes adjacent to drains, watercourses and waterways pose a particularly high man/machine hazard in the use of conventional and traditional methods.

Whether on a tractor or ride-on-mower, an operator is positioned on top of the vehicle while trying to cut or mow in or around watercourses. This ensures that the man/machine combination is operating at high risk because of the developed center of gravity. Adding to the already high level of risk, quiet often ground conditions will be slippery, soft, or with steep banks. This raises a higher potential risk of accidental machine rollover. Whether from rollover, loss of traction or loss of vehicle control, water at the bottom of such areas greatly increases the potential hazard to the operator in such a work location.

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However, by using a remotely controlled, radio-operated machine from Slopemowing.com, the operator is not in place in these hazardous situations. The wireless operating range of up to 300 meters from the operator (visible range) is as an important element for safely operating the remote machine. The extensive range also allows the operator to be positioned in order for good visibility of machine direction and attitude.

The system allows the operator to control all of the mower functions and operations from a safe position and a safe distance.

Designed to operate safely in the most remote locations, the machine is operated by way of a multi-channel remote control radio. Some IRUS tool carrier also features a "zero-gravity articulation system" which enables the engine to maintain an upright position at all times when the machine itself is operating on an incline. This ensures the engine maintains full lubrication of all internal components at all times and under all load conditions.

Mowing working width from 1.25 to 1.9 meters.

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Roadside Mowing

The Slopemowing.com mower can cut roadside slopes while causing minimum obstruction or interference to road traffic. Compared to the conventional approach to such tasks with tractor-mounted equipment, the Slopemowing.com mower causes minimal interference with adjacent areas. It reduces the requirements of a front and rear pilot truck and associated personnel. The operator can be located on the grass bank without the need for encroachment into traffic space.

Dam Walls

Grass-covered Dam Walls require good maintenance to prevent erosion and deterioration. However, the long slopes pose a potentially serious roll over hazard to tractors and ride-on-mowers.

Regular mowing of such slopes keeps weeds under control and promoting grass growth. However, rutting and wheel damage significantly increases the potential for erosion. The lightweight track-driven IRUS EVOTRAK and the 4 wheel driven IRUS QUATRAK causes minimal disturbance to the ground.

This is a critical benefit in light growth slopes such as these. Regular mowing encourages healthy regrowth which better stabilizes the slope from erosion. Although our mowers comes into its own on extreme slopes and areas with heavy growth, it will efficiently mow all areas that would normally be mowed by conventional means, producing a clean finishing cut.

Our remote-controlled mowing can continue in wet Winter and Spring conditions on slopes that would be unsafe and slippery handling brush cutters.

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Flat and Level Mowing and Mulching Service

Although an exceptional slope mower, our remotely controlled mower will also comfortably tackle tough mowing tasks on flat / level and difficult to access areas. The heavy flail mulcher head will cut and mulch heavy growth, whether old fibrous growth, lush new growth or heavy wet grass and more in almost any environment!

Slopemowing.com tool carriers are extremely useful especially for the maintenance of ditches and slopes surrounding roads and military areas. Furthermore, it can be used for the maintenance of agricultural and farming areas (orchards), powerplants, airports, mountain hotels, downhill runs, etc!

Thanks to the low center of gravity and small size, is it very suitable for the maintenance of areas surrounding water reservoirs, rivers, waterworks and dams.

The exceptional environmental friendliness of the machine is emphasized by the low weight. The track drive system allows the use of the mower in wetlands and in protected natural areas.