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  • Doosan 3-cylinder common-rail turbo diesel engine
  • Exhaust level: EU level V / EPA TIER 4 final 45 kW (61 HP)
  • Water-cooled, electric starter, operating hours counter, oil and temperature monitor
  • Continuous oil pressure monitoring on up to 80° incline (independent of direction of travel)

cleansing fan:

Automatic cleansing function for engine and hydraulic cooling (can also be activated manually)

power hydraulics:

80 litres at max. 350 bar

power drive:

Hydraulic crawler running gear with direct drive. Proportional speed control of each crawler running gear via remote control. both forward and reverse Adjustment of running gears via rotary potentiometer on the hand-held trans mitter (facilitates working on steep inclines).


Forward: 0 - 10 km/h | Reverse: 0 - 10 km/h. Maximum speed is continuously adjustable via rotary potentiometer on the hand held transmitter.

crawler running gear:

  • Delta running gear with automatic hydraulic track tensioning (for optimal, even track tension at all times)
  • Track replacement requires no tools

track width:

Standard 1300 mm

Optional hydraulic track width adjustment:

Adjustable from 1300 – 1700 mm

max. slope incline (depending on subsoil):

Up to 60° with applicable equipment

wireless range:

200 m (line of sight)

standard functions:

  • Driving / steering (continuously variable, proportional)
  • Engine start / stop
  • Continuously variable control of engine speed
  • Continuously variable control of speed and rotary direction of PTO shaft
  • Horn
  • Mirroring of power drive control Raising of mounted implement

Optional functions/ Accessories:

  • Additional double-acting hydraulic connections
  • Tilt sensor
  • Warning light
  • Rotating beacon
  • Automatic extinguishing system
  • Hydraulic track width adjustment
  • Various crawler tracks Spikes / rubber transport blocks

dimensions (length x width x height):

1940 x 1300 – 1700 x 1150 (in mm)


1100 - 1200 kg (depending on features, basic machine without mounted implement)

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