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  • Kohler 2-cylinder petrol engine 20,1 kW (27 HP)
  • Exhaust level: EU Level V / EPA Phase III
  • air-cooled, electric start, operating hours counter


• 50 l/min - 200 bar


Permanent hydraulic drive for both crawler running gears, proportional speed control for each crawler running gear via radio control, forward as well as in reverse, adjustment of the crawler running gears with rotary potentiometer on the hand-held transmitter (simplifies working on the steep slopes).


Forward: 0–10 km/h | reverse: 0 - 10 km/h Maximum speed continuously adjustable via rotary potentiometer on the hand-held transmitter

track width

1150 - 1300mm

max. slope gradient

60° (depending on surface and setup)

radio range

200m (visibility range)

standard functions

  • Driving / steering (continuously adjustable, proportional)
  • Engine start / engine stop
  • Continuously adjustable control of the engine speed
  • Switching the power take-off on and off
  • Horn
  • Mirroring of the drive control
  • Lifting of the accessory device

optional functions / accessories

  • 3-point suspension
  • Circumferential light
  • Tilt switch

Weight and size (l x w x h)

  • Approx. 600 - 650kg (base machine incl. crawler running gear; without accessory device)
  • 1540 x 1150 - 1300 x 800 (in mm)

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