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IRUS Quatrak

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Year/ Hour

2020/ 54


KOHLER Command 2-cylinder 4-cycle OHV petrol engine 22.4 kW (30.5 PS), air-cooled, electric start, operating hour counter


  • Permanent hydraulic drive of all four wheels or spiked rollers,
  • Proportional speed control and steering via radio control, forward as well as reverse,
  • Adjustment of the wheels via rotary potentiometer on the hand-held transmitter (simplifies working on the steep slopes)


  • Forward: 0–10 km/h | Reverse: 0 - 10 km/h
  • Maximum speed continuously adjustable via rotary potentiometer on the hand-held transmitter

Track width


Max. slope gradient

50° | 120% (depending on surface)

Radio range

Approx. 200 m (visibility range)


  • Balloon wheels Terra, 21 x 11.00 - 8 (2 wheels as standard filled with sealant, 2 wheels as standard filled with foam)
  • 3-row spike rollers with round spikes, outer diameter 450mm.

Standard functions

  • Driving / steering (continuously adjustable, proportional)
  • Engine start / engine stop
  • Continuously adjustable control of the engine speed
  • Switching the power take-off on and off
  • Horn
  • Mirroring of the drive control
  • Lifting of the add-on device
  • Crab steering


  • SMG Flail Mulcher, Working width 125 cm
  • Swing mower system VERTI-2-FLAIL® ESM®, Working width 125 cm